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Creative Design Office 

We provide International Expertise in creative Design & Build.


  1. Creative Conceptual Design
  2. Full Design Presentations
  3. Complete pre planning submissions
  4. Full complete Planning applications
  5. Specialist Building Permit full applications service USA
  6. Design & Build Consultancy and project management
  7. Individual Specialist Architectural Projects
  8. Tailored Turnkey packages inclusive of all our services
  9. We cater for Ireland , UK & USA , France , Holland, Spain , Portugal , Italy and Austria,



We pride ourselves to combine creative beauty with practical functionality.

And we have navigated  through the most stringent local planning and building approval authority’s in the world.

Our expertise has encompassed successful projects in  Ireland , UK & USA , France , Holland , Spain , Portugal , Italy and Austria.

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Our craftsmanship has been homed in the finest arts of handmade furniture and antique restoration. 

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